mentorship Program

Let’s slay the Art Monster together!

Let’s slay the Art Monster together!

What is my Mentorship all about?

It is all about you and what you want to become better at!

Whether you are a relatively new to painting, an intermediate artist or advanced I can provide valuable feedback and tailored lessons to fit your needs. It is all about helping you to improve your art!

What will you learn during these classes?

It can range from digital painting basics to composition, sketching, figure drawing/painting, painting skin tones, illustration, concept art and etc.

The list could go longer, but it all depends on what YOU tell me. Based on looking at your portfolio and knowing your goals we can set up classes focusing on those areas you need the most!

Mentorship Features

  • Weekly Meeting - We will meet every week. These meetings will consist of tailored critiques to your work, paint-overs, notes and exercises.

  • Setting Art Goals - Why do you want to do art to begin with? What do you want to achieve with it? We can talk extensively about this subject so that you can really tap into what makes you tick. It is part of my goal to help you feel motivated!

  • Live Demos - I will demonstrate step by step how I work and show you the tools that can improve your workflow. I think this is an extremely important part of this class. The aim of this instruction is to show you how to tackle your problems by demonstrating how I tackle my own.

  • Individual Attention - My classes are one on one. I take a maximum of 10 students per week, this allows me to have plenty of time to give you the attention you need from me.

Insight on my teaching methods

I have taught for years at respected art schools both in Italy and Canada. I have taught people ranging from 15 years old to 70 years old. From total beginners that did not know how to sharpen a pencil to experienced painters. These real life experiences and teachings are brought to you in this Online format.

I firmly believe that great teaching should be personal and understanding of the student’s needs. If you are not understanding something part of the problem is what questions you have been asked. Once you know where to inquire then you can hope to solve the problem effectively!

Mentorship schedule & duration

We will create a meeting schedule together. Meetings will take place once a week and will have a 2 hours duration each.

Classes can be taken at any day of the week, but availability will depend on how many students I have at the given moment.

Class Options & pricing

Option 1 - Pay Per Session

With this method you can pay for a specific amount of sessions.

If you are looking for a focused critiques on existing work you have, portfolio reviews and demonstrations this is a great option!

It is also a good option if you are not sure about what you want to learn about and just want to have a feel of how the class is like as well!

Choose this option if you want one or more sessions with me.

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Option 2 - Pay Per Month

With this method you commit to a month(4 sessions) of classes.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive and complete instruction this is the perfect option. This allows us to have more time together to push your skills as far as possible!

With more time the further you will go!

Choose this option if you are interested in committing to one or more months of sessions with me.

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After I pay, when do my classes start?

Your classes will start the following week after payment is complete

Where will our meetings take place?

They will take place via Skype or Discord. Whichever works best for you.

How long can this Mentorship run for?

The Mentorship can run as long as you want! If you chose either a single session of a full month, you can choose to continue and add as many sessions as you want. For example, you can have a session one week, wait for two months and purchase a single session option again and have another session with me then.